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The Kayser Farm was established April 2014 when our family moved from Cornelius, NC to Iron Station, NC. We were craving a smaller house and more land. What we got was more than we ever imagined! Our 40 acre property was home to a large pond, a dilapidated greenhouse, and a wonderful wooded valley. It was a foreclosure, which meant we got to put in a lot of time and elbow grease to get to where we are today. This labor of love turned our unkempt property into a working farm. We started out with two goats, a pot bellied pig, and some chickens and no idea what we were doing! We have turned the dilapidated greenhouse into a large barn and shop, built three pastures for livestock, added a small greenhouse, vegetable garden, and bee hives. Our sick and lifeless pond is now a clean and thriving habitat perfect for swimming and fishing. We now produce enough eggs, lamb, and vegetables for sale and are building our herd of cattle and pigs.



Phone: 704-488-7433
Email: kayserfarm@gmail.com




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Meat and Eggs

One of the joys of farm life is the ability to raise our own food. Knowing what our animals are eating, the environment in which they live, and their care brings peace of mind when it comes to transitioning to the table. We take pride in partnering with other local farm and ranchers to obtain livestock for our herds as well as growing our herds from within, harvesting local hay and supplementing with Bartlett feed, and giving our animals a pasture-raised life full of grass and sunshine. We also work with a local meat processor for all of our butchering needs.

Now sold exclusively through a nearby storefront at D6 Provisions.

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Annual Farm Camp

Learn more and register for Farm Camp, offered annually in June for kids ages 6 to 18.
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Tiny House Farm Experience

Come visit our Tiny House in the woods and experience farm life.
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